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About the Logica Family

Logica was designed with rich shading and a tailored range of lively, modern colors to give it a fresh visual feel. The family is quite versatile and brings vibrancy and style to any project. The family has a unified appearance with crisp lines and bold metaphors making Logica a smart choice.

The Finance Collection

Our Finance Collection contains 52 metaphors common to online banking and finance. Concepts such as transactions, debit, credit, fraud and many others are covered. The Finance Collection is tailored to any project where electronic finance or banking icons are called for.

Logica Finance
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collection features

This collection contains icons in each of these sizes and formats:

format chart

Download a sample from this collection

About Watermarking

For the purposes of copyright protection, the preview on this page has watermark lines running through the icons. Rest assured, when you purchase this set there will be no watermark on the actual icons.